There is a Place Called Florida
By Georgia Lucking – Germond | Spoken Word by Cindi Griffin

There is a place where Michelangelo paints the sky,
And Mozart’s melodies are played by the tide.
Where baby turtles crawl to the sea,
And where a cow is called a manatee.
There is a place where the rivers and oceans become one,
And palm trees stand tall while they salute the sun.
Where you can watch dolphins play,
And everyday is a perfect day.
There is a place where birds sing their songs in the keys,
And indoor plants grow outdoors next to orange trees.
Where the sun sparkles like diamonds dancing across the water,
And the weather forecast is your own special daily order.
There is a place where the sand looks like sugar and the water’s every shade of blue,
And each footstep you take in the sand leaves a footprint of you.
Where the trees wave hello in time with the ocean breeze,
And the light of the moon falls asleep on the sea.
There is a place where you can build your very own castle in the sand,
And where birds aren’t afraid to take bread from your hand.
Where every color of seashell decorates the beach,
And where a rainbow becomes your very own masterpiece.
There is a place where lighthouses stand coast to coast,
And sand crabs are better known as ghosts!
Where children’s eyes are filled with surprise
As the ocean waves fall and the ocean tides rise.
There is a place where the ocean’s the first to see the moon,
And where salt air cleans your lungs and salt water heals your wounds.
Where bridges are an amusement ride that fills your heart with excitement,
Where the signs to the beaches really say paradise, peace, and contentment.
There is a place where so many wish they could live but can only vacation,
While others live there and feel they are always on vacation
There is a place where all this magic comes true,
Because there is a place where I live called Florida.
Come, and I’ll share it with you.

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