Many may not be aware that the state song of Florida is still “Swanee River”, which was a minstrel song that originally contained racial slurs. It is obvious that this is hurtful, outdated, and needs to be changed. It is critical that music we listen to, and associate with our state, does not contain any form of racism. But how can we change that? I’m glad you asked. I have written a song called “That’s My Florida” as a replacement, that highlights all the wondering things Florida has to offer. Please consider signing this petition to change the state song from “Swanee River” to “That’s My Florida”. I know it seems like a small task, but it’s the little things that add up and chance things for the better.

Al Jolsen singing in blackface



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That’s My Florida
By Georgia Lucking – Germond | Vocalist: Alexis D’Souza

As a child I was fortunate to have a wonderful Aunt and Uncle that would take me to Florida every year. Florida was the only place I ever went on vacation. Since I lived in a Northern State I could not wait to go back to sunny Florida. Even as a young child I knew that Florida would be my home one-day. My career as a pianist, teacher and composer made my move to Florida a reality. I can make my music anywhere!

I launched my Grammy nominated music project “Little House of Music” in the glorious State of Florida and have taught thousands of little fingers to learn and to love music. It is easy to spread my passion around when I live in a place I truly love. Also, as a songwriter it was very easy for me to write a song about the State I love with all of my heart!

One day, while I was walking on the beach the waves and the tide sounded like a composition that Mozart might have written and the beautiful white puffy clouds looked like Michelangelo had painted the brilliant blue sky above me. My imagination was sparked, and I hurried home to my piano and “That’s My Florida” was created.

I wake each morning and say, “Good Morning Paradise!”

“That’s My Florida,”
“Come, I’ll Share It With You!”